Warning on Risks in E-Banking Transactions

A. Risk of Eurograbber computer viruses     

  • Currently, in Europe, a new variant of the Zeus virus has been discovered under the name Eurograbber which is used by hackers to steal money from the accounts of banks of Italy, Germany, Spain, etc. via internet banking and mobile banking transactions. This virus operates strongly in European countries and the countries belonging to the European Union, but the its scope of effect may be extended to Asia, including Vietnam.

B. How Eurograbber virus works. The mode of operation of Eurograbber virus in stealing the bank's money is as follows:

  • Hackers send links containing malicious code and virus to customers. Upon accessing these links, customer’s computer will be infected with the virus and the login information to internet banking will also be stolen.
  • Upon accessing the bank’s website, the virus will display a fake message of the Bank to collect customer’s phone number. Following that, the hackers continue to forge messages of the Bank to request customer to install account management software on the phone which is used to steal the transaction authentication message from the bank.
  • By obtaining the login information and the authentication message, the hackers can perform unauthorized transactions on internet banking.

C. How to limit risk when making e-banking transactions

To ensure safety upon executing e-banking transactions, customers should implement the following measures:

  • Install and use anti-virus software and regularly update the latest version.
  • Do not open unidentified links sent via email and text message.
  • Upon receiving a message or notice related to the internet banking transaction account, customers should check information to avoid hackers exploiting to make fake information. Specifically as follows:
    • Website to access Eximbank internet banking:
    • The number of Eximbank’s messages: transaction messages displaying “Eximbank” name or such numbers as 6089, 8149, 8199

Should any email or SMS message containing abnormalities that are related to EXIMBANK be found, please contact the nearest Branch/Transaction office for support or contact our Call Center: (84 8) 3821 0051.