Notes for Collection of Internet Banking Service Fees of Corporate Customers

With the objective to become a brand which always timely meets the demands of customers, Eximbank would like to introduce to You, the INTERNET BANKING SERVICE a tool which helps you to save time, and perform transactions with the bank in a fast, easy and secured manner, with full utilities as follows:
Payroll service for enterprises
Interbank and Intrabank transfer
Opening/Closing term savings deposit account
Service bill payment (telephone, electricity, water, internet, etc.)
Registration for periodic and automatic transfer of interest from term account to demand account
Inquiries about account, exchange rates, interest rates, gold prices, etc.

From 01st April, 2013, Eximbank will apply the E-banking service fees for corporate customers as follows:

Internet Banking service:
Inquiry package: VND100,000 per annum.
Transaction package: VND200,000 per annum.
SMS Banking service: VND30,000 per quarter per phone number

For further information, please contact our Call Center 1900545474.