Eximbank launches eximbank - vien thong a co-brand card

On May 27th, 2011, Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) launched the Eximbank – Vien Thong A co-brand card, which is a membership card issued by Eximbank for customers of Vien Thong A integrated with the payment functions of domestic prepaid cards (anonymous or nominal).

Eligible subjects: All customers purchasing goods at Vien Thong A

Special offers for Eximbank – Vien Thong A cards:

Free card issuance fee.

Free card personalization fee in case customers want to use the functions or utilities of normal local debit cards of Eximbank such as withdrawing cash, transferring or enjoying interests on account balance, etc.

Entitled to preferences from Eximbank’s merchants (see here) and from Vien Thong A (from time to time).

Entitled to the point accumulation program for cardholders of Eximbank.

Upon card personalization, cardholders are entitled to:

Using the service of receiving notifications on changes of account balance (SMS banking), VnTopup service, banking service via mobile phone (Mobile banking) free of charge within 6 months

No upfront collection of VND50,000 as account balance maintenance fee which shall only be retained as regulated upon the first account top-up by cardholders

Customer support:

1/ Main office: Address: No. 326-330 Street 3 Thang 2, Ward 12, District 10, HCMC Tel: (08) 3 863 3333 or 1900 545446. Website:

2/ 24/7 Customer Support Service: Tel: 08.38210046 - 08.38210051. Email:     Website: