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Shop comfortably, pay wisely with Eximbank

With the desire to accompany customers in their busy modern lives, from now until September 25, 2024, Eximbank launches a series of incentive programs for customers who own Eximbank cards.

Preferential information


Shopping comfortably

Shopping comfortably and paying wisely with Eximbank, customers will receive discounts of up to 20% at hundreds of famous brands in Vietnam:

  • Men's Fashion: Namidori Luxury Handmade Shoes, Aligro Men's Fashion, Fugashin Shoemaker
  • Women's Fashion: Ninh Khuong Fashion, Shapegym, EFORA, Hong Hanh Swimsuit, Tanmy Design, Hity - lifestyle your way, 5P.M Studios, Xita
  • Other shopping: Kosshop- suitcases, men's backpacks, suitcases, Leon Dio fountain pens


  • Eximbank understands that shopping is an important part of modern life. Therefore, with this promotion program, Eximbank helps you save costs and enjoy great, more convenient shopping experiences when paying via Eximbank credit and debit cards: Visa Platinum Cashback, Visa Signature, Mastercard One World, JCB Ultimate,…
  • Shop with Eximbank Card to receive incentives immediately!
  • For more detailed information about the offer, please contact:
    • Eximbank Call Center: 1900 6655
    • Email:

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