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Product information

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Attractive gifts

  • Lock&Lock foldable dish rack
  • Lock&Lock glass electric kettle

Diverse amenities

  • Give gifts at the counter when deposit limit is met
  • Free use of Savings SMS service
  • High interest rate
Open a savings book and give away immediately<br>interest rate

Open a savings book and give away immediately
interest rate

Why should you deposit savings at Eximbank?


Convenient, easy

Save anytime, anywhere in just 1 minute with your phone in hand or deposit/withdraw money at PGD


Flexible interest payment method

Pay interest at the end of the term, immediately upon deposit, monthly, quarterly


Flexible term

There are many terms to choose from to suit each customer's needs


Interest rates

Competitive interest rates, especially bonus interest rates for first-time savings customers

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Frequently asked questions

If I lose my ID card, can I bring a notarized copy to the bank to close my savings book?
When I need capital, can I close my savings book ahead of time? How is interest calculated?
What should customers do if they lose their savings book?