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Attractive gifts of the end-of-term lottery program, with gifts

  • iPhone 15 Promax 512GB
  • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Philips back massage machine
  • Set of 06 RCR Cups 790 ml
  • Give away a bonus code to dial at the end of the period when opening a new payment account; Increase average deposit balance each month; Or new customers deposit savings

Gift program for customers who deposit money at the counter

During the promotion period, individual customers (including Eximbank employees) who deposit VND money and meet the conditions to be granted a bonus code from Eximbank will be given a bonus code to participate in the promotion program. . With prize structure:

  • First prize: Iphone 14 Promax 512GB
  • Second prize: Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cl
  • Third prize: Philips back massage machine
  • eaner
  • Consolation prize: Set of 06 RCR Cups 790 ml
Open a savings book and give away immediately <br>interest rate

Open a savings book and give away immediately
interest rate

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Frequently asked questions

If I lose my ID card, can I bring a notarized copy to the bank to close my savings book?
When I need capital, can I close my savings book ahead of time? How is interest calculated?
What should customers do if they lose their savings book?