On the afternoon of December 30, 2021, Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) received the "Excellent International Payment Quality" award from Wells Fargo Bank of the US.

This is an award recognizing Eximbank's excellent quality in automatically processing international payment telegrams (money transfers to customers) in 2020 and 2021. The award is awarded based on the uniformly applied standards above. Wells Fargo's global payment system is based on the quantity of payments and the quality of payments that are automatically processed throughout. Wells Fargo Bank is one of the leading banks in the world, headquartered in the US. This is one of the banks with the largest number of international payment transactions in the world. Every year, Wells Fargo Bank awards this award to banks that have a large number of international money transfer payments transferred through Wells Fargo and achieve a high standard rate of over 95%. Accordingly, in recent years, the electricity rate meeting Eximbank's standards at Wells Fargo has always been above 98%. This award is the recognition of a long-standing and reputable foreign financial institution for the speed at which Eximbank's processing of money transfer payment transactions is increasingly improved according to international standards to well meet the  needs. of cutomer.


This is the 11th consecutive year that Eximbank has received this prestigious award not only from Wells Fargo but also from many other international banks thanks to its high rate of seamless payments. Specifically, Eximbank's STP ratio at BNY Mellon over the years has reached over 97%, and JPMorgan Chase's is 99%. With strict review criteria to provide the most accurate and fair results, Eximbank is therefore proud to be one of the banks in Asia as well as globally to achieve this excellent rate. With awards received from leading financial and banking organizations in the world, it shows that Eximbank is still a strong and reputable bank in the field of international payments.

“2021 is the year when the banking industry is heavily affected by the epidemic. Operating in conditions of supply chain and service disruption due to social distancing and anti-epidemic blockade, however, with the efforts of the whole system, Eximbank still ensures the quality of international payment services, Well meets the international payment needs of customers. Wells Fargo's award to Eximbank is a recognition of the quality efforts of the Eximbank system. In addition, towards an international standard bank, Eximbank will continue to improve service quality and improve international payment processing processes, to bring more direct benefits to customers and partners. ” – Mr. Dao Hong Chau - Deputy General Director of Eximbank shared.

After more than 30 years of operation, Eximbank is considered one of the strong financial institutions providing reputable and quality products and services based on modern information technology to serve the community. Along with the sustainable development strategy, taking innovation as the core, Eximbank is continuing to continuously improve competitiveness and innovation to create many benefits for businesses and customers, realizing the future. hope in the future.


On September 2, 2021, international credit rating agency S&P Global Ratings announced the long-term partner credit rating of Eximbank B+ with a “stable” outlook, unchanged from the rating announced in September. April 2021. In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic negatively impacting the global economy as well as Vietnam, S&P Global Ratings' assignment of long-term partner credit rating of B+ and short-term partner of B with a "Stable" outlook is a positive assessment. highlights the bank's efforts to transform and adapt in the new context, while also reflecting the bank's position in the mid-range private banking system in Vietnam.