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Warning of new tricks of high-tech criminals


Dear Customer

According to warning information from the Ministry of Public Security about new tricks of high-tech criminals to appropriate money in customers' accounts, Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) respectfully sends customers information about New forms of criminal fraud, as follows:

Fraudsters have forged brand messages - SMS Brand Name (*) of banks, with links to fake websites managed by the scammers (these websites have names similar to those of banks). bank's official website).

These fake messages are stored in the same folder as the banks' "real" branded messages on users' mobile phones. Therefore, it is easy for customers to mistakenly think that this is an official announcement from banks or relevant agencies. This is a very sophisticated and completely new trick.

Using many different sources, after obtaining customer information, the subjects will send fake SMS Brand Name messages to that customer. The content of these fake messages always includes links to fake websites managed by the subjects, so people can easily misunderstand and lose their guard.

When people access the link in the message content, the system will automatically display a fake website, with an interface and logo similar to the bank's official website, and be asked to fill in information such as: : login name, password, OTP code... Once the information is obtained, the subjects will be able to control the customer's online money transfer account and perform actions such as: transfer money, open overdraft, Top up credit cards, apply for loans online...

The types of messages are usually in the form: "Sincerely inform you! Your account will be suspended from service on …... Please quickly log in to http://www.***bank .top to update online" or "Dear ***Bank users, your account points have been converted into gift conditions. Please log in to www.*** now to redeem the gift. If it is overdue, it will not be accepted"...     

Using the above tricks, in recent times, subjects have fraudulently appropriated the assets of many customers for large amounts of money, occurring in many localities across the country.

Therefore, Eximbank would like to inform customers to be aware, be vigilant and absolutely do not access or perform any transactions on websites or links when receiving similar messages mentioned above. above.

Best regards,

(*) SMS Brand Name is a brand message, exclusively registered by organizations and individuals at telecommunications carriers and used as a service to send mass messages to customers, for customer care. , promote images, announce content, new policies...


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