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Warning about impersonating Eximbank lending online to commit fraud

Dear Customer

Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) would like to sincerely thank you for using Eximbank's services in the past.
Recently, taking advantage of the increased demand for loans from many individuals and small business households, criminals have impersonated Eximbank to lend money online at very low interest rates to commit fraud. Specific information is as follows:


(1) Website impersonates Eximbank to offer loans with especially low interest rates. Customers who want to borrow money must make their own online loan application, then require the customer to transfer a small amount of money (about 500,000 VND to 5,000,000 VND) to support loan verification and approval...


Figure 2: Fake Website Layout Mobile version

(2) When a customer approaches, the subjects will lure and request the borrower to provide personal information, such as: full name, phone number, photo of ID card/CCCD, portrait photo... to serve make loan application

After luring the borrower to transfer money to support loan verification and approval, the subjects continued to cite a series of reasons why the loan was not disbursed due to errors in the borrower's application documents (such as false declaration). Beneficiary's name, changing the spelling of the beneficiary's name from lowercase to uppercase, ineligible for loan, excess or incorrect number on citizen identification number...).

Figure 3: Loan confirmation layout

From there, they require borrowers to pay additional amounts to secure the loan or fix system errors; promises to refund the amount sent to the customer after the loan is disbursed.

However, when the borrower transfers money to the account number of the providing subjects, the subjects will immediately appropriate it and cut off contact.
With the above sophisticated fraud tricks, customers not only lose money but also lose all personal identity information, potentially continuing to be exploited for other illegal activities. , for example: registering for an unofficial SIM, registering to open a bank account, e-wallet to serve fraud activities, money laundering, online betting...


When you need to borrow money, you need to contact Eximbank directly for advice and guidance on loan procedures. Currently, Eximbank only has an official website at

Absolutely DO NOT provide any personal information (ID card/Citizen identification card, address, facial recognition image...) without accurately identifying the website, application and identity of your consultant. Eximbank.

DO NOT provide bank account information, OTP codes, or mobile phone numbers to subjects. Do not transfer money to personal accounts provided or enticed by strangers.

In case you discover a website impersonating Eximbank's website or suspect that your service login information has been leaked, please contact:

Call the customer support center (Call Center): 1800 1199

Go directly to the nearest Eximbank branch location - transaction office.

Once again, Eximbank sincerely thanks you and looks forward to continuing to receive your support.

Best regards,

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