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Warning about impersonating a bank to commit fraud

Vietnam Export-Import Bank (Vietnam Eximbank) respectfully greets you and thanks you for using Eximbank's card services in the past.
Recently, there have been a number of cases of thieves impersonating banks and other reputable organizations to appropriate your assets through information channels such as phone and email, specifically the following cases:

  • Notify winners of valuable prizes and request cardholders to provide card information to confirm prize recipient information.
  • Pretending to be a bank, sending an email or phone call directly to the customer informing the customer that the credit card is temporarily locked due to suspicion of information disclosure and requesting the cardholder to provide or update personal information to assist in unlocking the card. .
  • Sending fake website links with the same interface as a bank website to trick customers into logging into online payment account information, providing credit card information, other sensitive personal information...

With the above fraudulent behavior, Eximbank would like to advise you to always be vigilant and follow the following recommendations to protect your personal information:

  • Absolutely do not provide confidential information including: card number, card validity, security code printed on the back of the card, online banking transaction password, PIN code to others including Bank staff. .
  • Independently check with the reward notification unit to confirm information when receiving notification of winning valuable prizes.
  • Absolutely do not visit untrustworthy websites, or click on any links that require providing/updating personal information.
  • Do not allow card swiping through any device other than POS machines and always monitor the card throughout the card payment process.
  • Always secure and regularly change your ATM transaction PIN.
  • Contact or Hotline 18001199 for assistance. 

    Once again, Eximbank sincerely thanks you, wishes you Health - Happiness - Success and is pleased to continue serving you in the future.

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