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Vui Xuan won big with an Eximbank card

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Contributing to the exciting atmosphere to welcome the new year 2012 with lots of luck, happiness and success, Eximbank would like to send to you the program "Happy Spring and win big with Eximbank card" from December 1, 2011 to December 28. February 2012 with the following content:


1. Name of the promotion program: "Vui Xuan wins big with Eximbank card".

2. Promotional products: Card issuance and payment services of Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank).

3. Promotion period: From December 1, 2011 to February 28, 2012.

4. Promotion scope: Nationwide.

5. Form of promotion: Giving gifts and drawing numbers to determine winning prizes.

6. Subjects of promotion:

- All Eximbank cardholders satisfy the program rules.

- Cardholders who are Eximbank Employees (including primary card and supplementary card) are not eligible to participate in this program.

7. Prize structure:

7.1 Gift giving program:

- 400 gifts, each gift is 01 set of Minh Long tea pots worth 285,000 VND, for the 400 earliest newly issued Eximbank-Visa Platinum cardholders.

- 2,000 gifts, each gift is 01 Minh Long porcelain cup worth 45,000 VND, for the earliest newly issued international credit card holders.

Total gift value: 204,000,000 VND (Two hundred and four million VND).

7.2 Lucky draw program: 21 prizes, specifically as follows:

Prize structure


Content of each award

Unit Price VND

Total amount VND

Special prize


V-TOP card worth 100 million VND



First prize


Piaggio Liberty motorbike i.e 125cc or V-TOP card 60 million VND



Second prize


Sony Bravia 3D Full HD TV 40 inches or V-TOP card worth 30 million VND



Third prize


Iphone 4G 16GB or
V-TOP card 16 million VND



Consolation prizes


Money transferred to card account is 500,000 VND



Prize for the customer with the most winning codes


Money transferred to card account is 3 million VND million



Solve lucky card numbers
(The prize code matches the last 6 digits of the card number based on the earliest transaction time)


Money transferred to the card account is 5 million VND





Total prize value: 289,000,000 VND (Two hundred eighty-nine million VND).

7.3 Total value of gifts and prizes: 493,000,000 VND (Four hundred and ninety-three million VND).

8. Content and detailed rules of the promotion program:

8.1 Gift giving program:

a. Conditions for receiving gifts:

- For Minh Long tea pot set: Customers submit complete credit card registration documents to issue a new main card Eximbank-Visa Platinum credit card.

- For Minh Long ceramic cups: Customers submit complete credit card registration documents to issue a new Eximbank international credit card, including: Visa gold card, Visa standard, Visa Business, E-Maximark gold card. , Gold MasterCard, Standard MasterCard, Teacher Card.

- In case the cardholder already has a credit card: if they want to issue another credit card, they can participate in this program.

- In case the cardholder cancels the old credit card during the promotional period to issue a new credit card of the same type, renew the card, or exchange the card, he or she will not be able to participate in this program.

b. Other rule:

- Gifts are given to customers with cards.

- Each cardholder can only receive a maximum of 1 gift.

- Only applies to primary cardholders, not applicable to supplementary cardholders.

8.2 Lucky draw program:

a. Regulations on granting prize codes:

 Existing cardholders (excluding anonymous prepaid cards): during the promotion period, when making transactions with the following minimum value, they will receive 01 prize code:

Card type

Minimum transaction value (VND)

Domestic debit cards (V-TOP and co-branded cards); prepaid cards with domestic and international identification; international debit card


International credit card


- The higher the transaction value, the more bonus codes the cardholder will receive equal to an integer multiple of the actual transaction value generated with the above minimum value.

- The number of prize codes is calculated on each transaction, odd numbers are not counted and are not rounded.

For example:  - Domestic debit card transaction amounting to 495,000 VND: code not received.

- International credit card transaction amount of 1,595,000 VND: receive 01 code.

 Customers request to issue new cards:

- Within 15 days from the date of receiving the card, if there is a transaction valued at 100,000 VND or more, the cardholder will receive 1 bonus code. In case the card transaction value reaches the minimum prescribed for existing cardholders above, an additional prize code will be received as prescribed for existing cardholders.

- In case the transaction occurs from the 16th day onwards, the regulations for existing cardholders will apply.

 Anonymous domestic and international prepaid cardholders: during the promotion period, if identified and recharged for the first time with a value of 50,000 VND or more, the cardholder will receive 01 prize code. After identification, if the cardholder makes a transaction, the regulations for existing cardholders will apply.

b. Regulations on transactions participating in the program: are successful payment transactions for goods and services at card accepting units, online (excluding cash withdrawal transactions and bill payments at Eximbank transaction points). , ATM machines, MOTO transactions, transactions via the Internet for the purpose of buying and selling securities, currency trading, betting, paypal, transactions arising due to system problems and refund transactions).

c. Regulations on prize codes:

- The prize code is issued online and recorded on the system as a basis for comparison when drawing prizes.

- Prize codes are issued gradually from 000001 to 999999 (the total number of prize codes expected to be issued is 999999 codes).

- In case the cardholder is granted 02 or more bonus codes, the bonus code issued later increases by 1 unit compared to the previous code, the bonus number will include the starting and ending numbers of the sequence. prize number. The bonus code issued to the cardholder who makes the next transaction is increased by 01 unit compared to the last code issued to the cardholder who makes the previous card transaction.

d. How to announce the prize code:

- Reward codes will be updated regularly on the Eximbank website, cardholders can access for information on each prize code.

e. Regulations on how to determine winning prizes:

- For special prizes, first, second, third, and consolation prizes: the winning cardholder is the cardholder whose prize code matches the code organized by Eximbank to draw for each prize (One cardholder can win). many prizes when the cardholder's winning code matches many winning results)

+ Special prize, first prize, second prize, third prize will be determined by spinning with a ball cage.

+ The consolation prize is determined by random, automatic number drawing using Eximbank's electronic software.

- For prizes for customers with the most winning codes: Eximbank will compile and announce the winning list at the end of the program.

- For lucky card number prize: the cardholder must have a prize code (consisting of 6 digits, including 0 in the first position) that matches the last 6 digits of the card number based on early transaction time. best. Eximbank will compile and announce the winning list at the end of the program.

f. Prize opening location and prize receiving procedures:

- The lucky draw ceremony is held in the presence of representatives of customers participating in the program, representatives of state management agencies in charge of commerce and is carried out at a location selected by Eximbank.

- Prize drawing time: expected Saturday, March 10, 2012

- Drawing method: on March 1, 2012, Eximbank finalizes the list of number of customers eligible to participate in the program and the total bonus codes issued. In case the total number of prize numbers issued by Eximbank is less than 6 digits, the numbers will be hundreds of thousands (in case the prize code is only issued 5 numbers); Hundreds of thousands and tens of thousands (in case only 4 numbers are issued) are not included in the drawing. The specific recording method is as follows:

+ First round: Automatic random number dialing using Eximbank's electronic software with 06 numbers to determine 10 customers winning consolation prizes.

+ Second round: Spin the ball cage until 03 third prize winners are determined according to the prescribed prize structure.

+ Third round: Spin the ball cage until 02 customers are determined to win the Second prize according to the prescribed prize structure.

+ Fourth round: Spin the ball to determine 01 First Prize until it is determined that the customer whose prize code matches the result of spinning the ball will receive the prize.

+ Fifth round: Spin the ball to determine 01 Special Prize until it is determined that the customer whose prize code matches the result of spinning the ball will receive the prize.

- The results of the lottery ceremony to determine the winning prize will be made in writing and confirmed by signatures of the witnessing parties.

- Within 10 working days from the date of drawing to determine the prize, Eximbank will notify the winning cardholder of the results by mail, phone, fax... to provide instructions on time, location, and procedures for receiving the prize. reward.

- The winning cardholder will receive the prize at the Head Office of Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank scheduled for March 24, 2012 or at Eximbank's Branches and Transaction Offices.

- When receiving the prize, the cardholder must present ID card (original), or household registration (original) or passport (original), valid Eximbank card of the cardholder, purchase invoice related to the transaction. issue the winning prize code, other documents (if any) at the request of Eximbank, and at the same time must commit that the cardholder who performed the transaction is granted that prize code.

- The deadline for Eximbank to be responsible for awarding prizes to cardholders is April 10, 2012.

8.3 Contact information to answer questions:

- For any customer questions related to promotional programs, customers should contact Eximbank's transaction locations nationwide or contact the 24/7 Customer Service Department: Phone: (08) 3821 0046 - 3821 0051, Email:

8.4. Responsibility to notify:

- Eximbank is responsible for fully announcing the detailed content of the promotion program's rules and the list of winning customers on at least 01 mass media and at the promotion location.

- Eximbank is responsible for notifying the winning cardholders of the promotional program by phone or email, letter, fax...

8.5. Regulations on gifts and prizes:

- For gifts and prizes, if there is a warranty, it will apply according to the supplier's warranty regulations. Eximbank is not responsible for the warranty for these products.

8.6. Other regulations:

- The primary cardholder will be the one in charge of making complaint transactions with the Bank.

- Eximbank is exempted from responsibility for force majeure events occurring during the program such as: fire, explosion, flood, earthquake... causing the cardholder's transactions to be incorrect, unexecutable or not transmitted to the banking system.

- Eximbank has the right to change and adjust the terms and conditions of the program accordingly. The notices will be widely and publicly announced 10 days before application on Eximbank's website (

- By participating in this program, the Cardholder accepts all terms and conditions of the program listed in these Program Rules and all terms in the Terms and Conditions of Use card issued by Eximbank.

- Prizes are awarded to the primary cardholder or the person legally authorized by the primary cardholder.

- The winning cardholder must bear travel and accommodation expenses related to receiving the prize and irregular income tax according to the provisions of law (if any).

- If approved by the winning cardholder, Eximbank will use the name and image of the winning cardholder for advertising purposes.

- Eximbank will not award rewards to cardholders who stop using their cards during the promotion period and the time to pay rewards to cardholders.

- Eximbank is responsible for the accuracy in issuing evidence to determine winning prizes in promotional programs and drawing numbers to determine winning prizes. In case the evidence of winning prizes issued by Eximbank contains errors that mislead the cardholder about winning the prize, Eximbank is responsible for awarding these prizes to the cardholder. The organization of promotional programs must ensure objectivity and transparency.

- In case of a dispute related to this promotion program, Eximbank is responsible for directly resolving it according to the provisions of law.

- For prizes with no winners in the lucky draw program, Eximbank is responsible for depositing 50% of the value of the announced prize into the state budget according to the provisions of Clause 4, Article 96 of the Commercial Law. commercial.

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