Eximbank's announcement


The program kicks off with Eximbank

a. Implementation time: from February 12, 2020 to April 30, 2020

b. Applicable objects:

Subject 1: New institutional customers of Eximbank, registering to use the 5-in-1 Corporate Account Combo.

Subject 2: Eximbank's existing institutional customers with demand deposit growth.

c. Program incentives

Service charge

Promotional content

Fee for transferring money outside the system on IB


Free for subjects 1

Fee exemption/reduction for subjects 2

Fast money transfer fee on IB

Tallying fee on IB

d. General regulations

There is no limit to the number of transactions and preferential fees, applicable from the date of successful registration until the end of the program's validity.

Does not apply to the following cases: transfer, the recipient bears the fee, the customer is an enterprise in an Export Processing Zone.

e. Answering questions: For any questions related to the program, please contact Eximbank's Branches/Transaction Offices.

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