Eximbank's announcement


Stop using Visa Prepaid cards from June 1, 2020


Regarding processing Visa Prepaid cards that will stop being used from June 1, 2020

Dear Customer,

First of all, Eximbank would like to send greetings and sincere thanks to customers who have used the Bank's services during the past time. Eximbank respectfully informs you:

The Visa Prepaid card has been locked and deactivated from June 1, 2020, the remaining balance on the card will be handled by Eximbank as follows:

After 30 days from the effective date of termination (given by Eximbank or the cardholder), if receiving a request to refund excess money from the cardholder, Eximbank will transfer the balance from the expired card to the card. International debit (No cash refund). In case the customer does not have an international debit card, Eximbank will perform the balance conversion after advising the customer to open a debit card.
In case the branch/transaction office does not receive any request from the cardholder to refund the remaining amount in the account, the remaining amount on the card account will be processed by the bank as follows:
For identification cards: Eximbank will collect a card maintenance fee of 10,000 VND/month until the card runs out of money or when receiving a refund request from the cardholder (Applicable after 30 days from the date the identification card expires). or terminate use and have a remaining balance on the card).
For anonymous cards: Eximbank handles the balance according to the prescribed mechanism of expired/terminated prepaid cards.

Customers, please contact the 24/7 multi-channel customer support service center: 18001199 (free call) or go to the nearest Branch/Transaction Office for more detailed information.
Best regards,

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