Eximbank's announcement


Stop issuing new Visa prepaid cards


Regarding discontinuation of Visa Prepaid card product

Dear Customer,,

First of all, Eximbank would like to send greetings and sincere thanks to customers who have used the Bank's services during the past time. Eximbank respectfully informs you:

From May 8, 2020, Eximbank stopped implementing the Visa Prepaid card product throughout the system.
For currently used Visa Prepaid cards: Customers continue to use until May 31, 2020. After this time, the Visa Prepaid card will be locked and stopped being used. Customers will not be refunded the remaining amount in the card account (if any) after the card expires or terminates use (according to the International Prepaid Card Usage Agreement).

To continue using Eximbank's card services, please contact the nearest branch/transaction office for detailed instructions on debit card opening procedures.

Please contact the 24/7 multi-channel customer support service center: 18001199 (free call) for more detailed information.
Best regards,

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