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In July 2023, international credit rating agency S&P Global Ratings announced Eximbank's long-term partner credit rating of B+ with a "Stable" outlook, unchanged from the rating announced in September. /2022.

Accordingly, S&P Global recorded a strong improvement in Eximbank's performance and profit indicators in 2022, specifically Eximbank's profits nearly tripled in 2022, with ROAA reaching 1.68%, compared to at 0.59% in 2021. S&P Global also recognized that asset quality has improved thanks to Eximbank's restructuring efforts in recent years, especially actively handling debt and optimizing capital resources. , improving operations, reducing costs and strongly improving NIM thanks to shifting to lending more to SME and individual customers, in addition to serving the traditional import-export customer segment well.
The stable outlook for Eximbank reflects the institution's expectation that the bank will leverage its restructuring efforts and maintain its capitalization over the next 12-18 months.

Besides, S&P Global also believes that Vietnamese banks are operating in a fiercely competitive environment, containing many unstable factors, suffering from many headwinds from macroeconomic decline, inflation and decline in global purchasing power. Operating in such an environment, in addition to maintaining and improving financial capacity, capitalization, and asset quality, Eximbank has accelerated the digital transformation process at the Bank, with products such as online LC, TTr online and especially successfully deployed the Eximbank Edigi application, digital banking on the internet and mobile banking platforms, allowing customers to access diverse services from financial transactions to online purchases or entertainment. Eximbank also promotes its strengths in export financing and foreign exchange trading, including the FX e-trading service platform to best serve import and export customers.

With over 34 years of experience, Eximbank is always considered one of the financial institutions with strong growth in providing reputable and quality products and services based on technology. Modern information to serve the community. Eximbank wishes to bring increasingly better service quality to customers and shorten time with the most optimal cost. We continue to constantly improve our operations and service quality to create more benefits for customers - said an Eximbank representative.

Recently, the State Bank of Vietnam also issued an official dispatch approving Eximbank's eligibility to establish 04 branches in the provinces: Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Binh Dinh and Dong Thap and 04 Transaction Offices: Huong Thuy Transaction Office (Hue Branch), Phuoc Binh Transaction Office (Binh Phuoc Branch), Hon Dat Transaction Office (Kien Giang Branch), Gia Rai Transaction Office (Bac Lieu Branch). With this approval, Eximbank's operating network will be 215 business units serving customers. By being licensed by the State Bank to open 04 new branches and 4 transaction offices, Eximbank will accompany people and businesses in these localities, especially focusing on developing key industries according to the specific economic characteristics of the country. each location.

In 2023, Eximbank was honored to receive the "Top 5 volume traded - Matching" award (Top 5 banks with the largest foreign exchange transactions in the market - FX Matching). The award was awarded by Refinitiv - a member of the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) - based on transaction statistics of nearly 30 domestic and foreign banks operating in Vietnam on the system. interbank foreign currency trading system (FX Matching) in 2022; "Excellent international payment quality" awards from organizations such as Wells Fargo, Citi Bank, JP Morgan; Vietnam Software and Information Technology Services Association (VINASA) honored Eximbank in the digital banking category, accordingly, the bank's Eximbank EDigi service product won the Sao Khue Award - Excellent Product digital banking sector; Award of Top 10 famous brands in Vietnam (Banking - Finance Industry) - Vietnam Intellectual Property Association awarded in 2023.



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