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Security recommendation: Red Alert 2.0 malware warning on Android platform

Dear: Guests

Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) would like to sincerely thank you for using Eximbank's services in the past.
Recently, in the media, the Department of Information Security (Ministry of Information and Communications) reported on "Warning about RED ALERT 2.0 malware on the Android platform" attacking online banking applications. To prevent risks, Eximbank would like to send you some information as follows:
Mid-September 2017: Red Alert 2.0 - a new type of malware that attacks applications on the Android platform to steal user information was discovered. Currently, more than 60 online banking and social networking applications are being targeted by this malware.
1. Red Alert 2.0 malware is capable of:
Stealing authentication information, contacts, SMS content;
Fake and change images and interface content of legitimate applications running.
Block and record calls.

2. How Red Alert 2.0 malware spreads
Red Alert 2.0 malware disguises itself as well-known, legitimate applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, etc. from unofficial third-party app stores or as fake Flash Player update panels.
When users open the fake app, login credentials and other sensitive information can be stolen. In particular, even for applications that use 2-step authentication (via SMS, calls), the Red Alert 2.0 malware can still bypass the message and call blocking functions on infected mobile devices. infected with malware.
3. Recommendations for users:
Only download applications from the official application stores of Android operating systems (Play store), iOS (App Store);
Do not use rooted/jailbroken mobile devices because of potential risks to safety and information security;
Do not download and install applications through unknown repositories;
Do not answer questions asking for user information, login passwords, financial information, or credit cards from unofficial sources;
You should install anti-malware software from a reputable supplier to limit the risk of infection;
You should regularly update the operating system according to the company's policy on mobile devices.

In case you discover a website/application impersonating Eximbank's website/application or there is a suspicion that your service login information has been leaked, please contact:
Call the customer support center (Call Center): 1800 1199
Go directly to the nearest Eximbank branch location - transaction office.

Eximbank's e-banking service currently ensures safety and reliability for customers to make transactions. However, in order to prevent risks from arising that affect your assets as well as Eximbank's reputation, in addition to solutions from the bank, compliance with notes when using the service plays a role. important role in risk prevention.
Once again, Eximbank sincerely thanks you and looks forward to continuing to receive your support.
Best regards,
Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank.

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