Dear Customer

First of all, Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) respectfully sends greetings and best wishes to our customers. Eximbank sincerely thanks customers for using our bank's financial services in the past.

In order to increase convenience for individual customers using e-Banking services, Eximbank respectfully informs customers about improvements to Mobile Banking service features from March 31, 2022 as follows:

1. Multi-channel balance change information service: Eximbank provides services for customers to choose to register and receive balance change information through 2 channels:
◦ Receive messages on Mobile Banking application (OTT channel): Customers receiving messages via this channel will be free and can receive messages immediately when abroad.
◦ Receive messages via SMS channel: According to the current fee schedule.
◦ Receive news via OTT and SMS: According to the current fee schedule.

2. Super QR (combining QR Pay and QR Napas): To facilitate and shorten the time and implementation process for QR transactions, Eximbank has built a super QR feature combined with QR Pay (payment via QR ), internal money transfer via QR and VietQR (fast money transfer via Napas using QR code). When paying, customers no longer have to hesitate to choose the type of QR on the application, customers just need to use Eximbank's super QR and with just one scan, the application will automatically classify QR Pay payments and VietQR money transfers. .

3. Simplify authentication in money transfer transactions with account holders and online savings deposits: Helps customers quickly open savings or make money transfers with account holders safely without using OTP. Eximbank still maintains optimal security measures to ensure a balance between convenience and safety for customer transactions. Specifically, when logging into the Eximbank Mobile Banking application, customers still have to log in using biometric method (fingerprint or facial recognition - Face iD) or password.

For more details, please contact 1800 1199.
Once again, Eximbank wishes our customers good health and success.