Eximbank's announcement


Regarding information security recommendations related to electronic banking services

Dear Customer

Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) would like to sincerely thank customers for using Eximbank's services in the past.

Recently, the media reported on customers at risk of losing money in their bank accounts, creating anxiety for customers when using e-banking services. To prevent risks, Eximbank would like to send customers some information as follows:

  1. Eximbank only provides e-Banking services at a single address: or Customers can access from the available link on the bank's homepage: https://eximbank
  2. Eximbank does not cooperate with any unit to provide access links to e-Banking services. Logging into an Eximbank account from any other website or application is the customer providing e-Banking service information to others and is at risk of account risk.
  3. Some notes when using electronic banking services:



  • You should access the e-banking service page by typing the access address directly into the browser or from the link on Eximbank's homepage.
  • You should regularly change your password to access e-banking services.
  • It is recommended to exit the online trading system after each use.
  • You should use a personal computer/mobile phone with anti-virus software installed to access the bank's e-banking service.
  • You should register to use Eximbank's messaging service (SMS Banking service) to proactively monitor your account balance.
  • Do not click on the words "Save my password" or "Remember password" or similar lines of information to save your login password when prompted by the browser.
  • Do not store login information on your phone or provide others with login information or OTP authentication codes via phone, email, social networks, etc.Do not use services on computers and public wifi (hotels, cafes, etc.)
  • Do not click on any links in emails from unknown sources, prize announcements, or promotional messages.
  • Do not make requests to transfer money, top up money to strange phone numbers, etc. to receive rewards or benefits of unknown origin.
  • Do not use the password to access the IB/MB/ATM online transaction system as a password to access other website systems, social networks, etc.

In case you discover a website impersonating Eximbank's website or suspect that your service login information has been leaked, please contact:
Call the customer support center (Call Center): 1800 1199
Go directly to the nearest Eximbank branch location - transaction office.

Eximbank's e-banking service currently ensures safety for you to make transactions. However, in order to prevent risks from arising that affect your assets as well as Eximbank's reputation, in addition to solutions from the bank, compliance with notes when using the service plays a role. important role in risk prevention.

Once again, Eximbank sincerely thanks you and looks forward to continuing to receive your support.

Best regards,

Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank

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