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Promotional program "Shop to your heart's content with E-Maximark card"

1. Name of promotion program: “Shop to your heart's content with E-Maximark card”

2. Promotional products: New issuance and payment services for E-Maximark cards.

3. Promotion form: Give away shopping vouchers.

4. Promotion period: From October 20, 2011 to December 31, 2011, or until gifts run out (whichever comes first).

5. Scope of promotion:  National Maximark system.

6. Subjects of promotion:

- For gift prizes: Customers issue new E-Maximark gold cards (international credit cards and Visa Debit cards).

- For the award for highest card usage volume: Customer is the owner of an existing or newly issued E-Maximark card that satisfies these Rules.

7. Prize structure:

- Gift prize: 1,000 gifts, each gift is 01 Maximark shopping voucher worth 50,000 VND/voucher.

- Awards for highest card sales: 33 awards, specifically:

01 Maximark voucher worth 5,000,000 VND: For cardholders with the highest card sales.
02 Maximark vouchers, each worth 3,000,000 VND: For 02 cardholders with the second and third highest card sales.
30 Maximark vouchers, each worth 500,000 VND: For the next 30 cardholders with the highest sales.

- Total prize value: 76,000,000 VND.

8. Content and detailed rules of the promotion program:

8.1 Conditions for receiving promotional rewards:

- For gift prize of 50,000 VND voucher: Customer issues new E-Maximark gold card (international credit card and Visa Debit card). and incur the first payment transaction for goods, services or cash withdrawal during the promotional period.

- For the highest sales volume award: Customers who are existing or newly issued E-Maximark cards make transactions of goods and services at Eximbank's card acceptance unit (POS) in the Maximark system during the period of time. promotion with a minimum cumulative sales of 2,000,000 VND and meets the provisions of these Rules.

- Each cardholder can only receive a maximum of 01 gift prize. A cardholder can receive both a gift prize and the highest sales prize if they meet the reward conditions specified in these Regulations.

8.2 Transaction regulations:

- Valid transactions are successfully completed payment transactions for goods and services, excluding transactions arising due to system problems and refund transactions.

- Sales generated by secondary cardholders are calculated back to the primary cardholder.

- For refund transactions: The cardholder will have the refunded transaction value deducted from accumulated sales.

- Card sales include total sales of purchases of goods and services incurred by the primary cardholder and supplementary cardholder during the promotional period.

8.3 Regulations on how to determine winning prizes:

- For gift prizes of VND 50,000 Voucher: Eximbank updates and publicly announces on the Eximbank website the list of 1,000 customers eligible to receive the reward.

- For the Highest Revenue Award: At the end of the program, Eximbank compiles and publicly announces on the Eximbank website a list of 33 cardholders who meet the conditions for receiving rewards specified in these regulations to award prizes according to regulations.

- Eximbank notifies the winning customer via the contact phone number provided in the card issuance application and requests the customer to choose the method of receiving the prize:

Directly at Eximbank's transaction points.
The voucher is sent by mail to the customer's address registered in the card issuance application.

9. Responsibility for notification:

- Eximbank is responsible for fully announcing the detailed content of the promotion program's rules and the list of winning customers on Eximbank's website: or other mass media.

- No later than 10 working days from the date Eximbank sends notice to winning customers, Eximbank will award prizes to winning customers for each promotion period.

- For any customer questions related to promotional programs, customers can contact Eximbank's transaction locations nationwide or contact:

Customer support center: 08.38210051-38210046,

10. Other regulations:

- The primary cardholder will be the one in charge of making complaint transactions with the Bank.

- Customers are responsible for keeping the necessary Purchase Invoices and Card Payment Invoices for presentation when requested by the Bank. The amount on the Purchase Invoice must match the Merchant's Card Payment Invoice.

- Eximbank will not give vouchers or bonuses to cardholders who stop using their cards during the promotion period and the time to pay rewards to cardholders.

- Eximbank is the final decision maker in approving valid transactions and implementing reward procedures.

- Eximbank is exempted from responsibility for force majeure events occurring during the program such as: fire, explosion, flood, earthquake... causing the cardholder's transactions to be incorrect, unexecutable or not transmitted to the banking system.

- Eximbank is responsible for announcing full details of the promotion program's rules and the list of winning customers on at least 01 mass media.

- Eximbank has the right to change and adjust the terms and conditions of the program accordingly. Notices will be widely and publicly announced on Eximbank's website ( 7 days before the change.

- In case of a dispute related to this promotion program, Eximbank is responsible for directly resolving it according to the provisions of law.

- By participating in this program, the Cardholder accepts all terms and conditions of the program listed in these Program Rules and all terms in the Terms and Conditions of Use E-Maximark card issued by Eximbank.

- Complaints and disputes between Eximbank and customers arising from the program will be negotiated and resolved by both parties. In case it cannot be resolved, it will be brought to a court with jurisdiction to resolve.

- In case the list of winning customers announced by Eximbank contains errors that cause confusion for customers in winning prizes, Eximbank is responsible for awarding these prizes to customers.

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