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Promotion program for Eximbank - MasterCard cardholders at Nguyen Kim system

1. Form:

Get an additional 10% discount for customers who shop according to the attached list and pay with MasterCard.

2. List of products included in the Promotion program:

Will be changed, updated and announced on media used by Nguyen Kim.

3. Scope:

System of 15 Nguyen Kim retail centers.

4. Subjects:

Customers shop at 15 Nguyen Kim retail centers.

5. Customer benefits:

- Additional 10% discount, applicable to product categories in the Promotion program.

- Still enjoy current promotions.

6. Terms and Conditions:

a. Additional 10% discount for items in the Promotion program's product categories when customers pay with MasterCard and pay in full once upon purchase (no deposit).

b. Instant discount on MasterCard cardholder's purchase invoice according to final payment value.

c. Customers receive the promotion once and only one product of each category during the promotion period.

d. Not applicable for General Business and Online Sales.

e. The discount amount will be refunded if the customer exchanges or returns the product.

f. These Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time without prior notice; Nguyen Kim Shopping Center has the right to change and adjust the product list of the Promotion program depending on the quantity of promotional goods provided at Nguyen Kim Shopping Centers.

g. In all cases of appeal, Nguyen Kim's decision is final.

h. For more information about the program, please contact 08 38211211 or the Customer Service counter at shopping centers in the Nguyen Kim system.

List of promotional products at Nguyen Kim

For detailed information, please contact:
Nearest Eximbank transaction point
24/7 customer care department: Tel (08) 38210046/51

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