Eximbank's announcement


Preferential interest rates for small & micro enterprises

Customers are small/micro businesses with short-term working capital needs
Product benefits:
  •  Short-term loan interest rate: only from 6.8%/year
  • Meets regular working capital needs, helps stabilize capital sources, and increases businesses' proactiveness in planning production and business.
  •  Loan currency: VND
  • Loan term for each capital withdrawal: Not more than 12 months.
  • Loan method: One-time credit grant, credit limit, or credit limit.
  • Form of loan security: with collateral/or without collateral 
Loan conditions:
  •  Enterprises with revenue that meet product conditions
  • Be eligible for loans according to Eximbank's regulations;
  • Feasible business plan 
Loans profile:
  •  Legal documents of customers requesting loans.
  • Customer's financial records: Latest settlement reports.
  • Records and documents related to loan and debt repayment plans and collateral (if any).

Customer support center Call Center - 1800 1199

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