Eximbank's announcement


Pay bills with international cards on Internet Banking

 From October 1, 2014, Eximbank officially launched the bill payment service by international card through Eximbank's INTERNET BANKING, helping customers have a new bill payment choice besides other payment channels. Current bill payment as:

  • Pay by ATM card/international card at Eximbank ATM.
  • Pay by international card at Eximbank website (here).
  • Pay directly on Eximbank's Internet Banking using a payment account.
  • Pay bills at other e-commerce websites.

Outstanding features of Eximbank's bill payment service via Internet Banking:

Invoices are cleared immediately

Free transactions

For detailed information about the service, please contact Eximbank for support: (84) 18001199, email: or Chi nhánh/Phòng Giao dịch Eximbank Offices nationwide.

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