Eximbank's announcement


Notification about system maintenance schedule

Dear Customer,

Eximbank constantly improves technology to bring customers better experiences, so Eximbank will upgrade its IT system at the time below.

-  December 4, 2023 (Monday): 22:00 – 22:05 and December 4, 2023 (Monday): 22:20 – 22:25

-  December 4, 2023 (Monday): 23:00 – 23:15 and December 5, 2023 (Tuesday): 01:00 – 01:15

During the upgrade period, the following services will be temporarily interrupted:

-    Regular/fast transfer transactions on Edigi/IBDN/Ebiz

-    Smart OTP transaction authentication.

-    SMS authentication

-    SMS banking

-    VCAS

-    Pay the bill

-  Remittances paid on behalf of DCOM/ Receipts and payments on behalf of securities

-    Napas ACH/ Napas IBFT

Apart from the above service interruptions, the system still operates normally.

Eximbank has tried to consider how to have the least impact on customers' transactions. We hope that customers will sympathize with any inconvenience regarding transactions during the above upgrade period.

Best regards,

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