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Notice regarding the implementation of additional validity period of Viettel-CA digital certificate

Vietnam Eximbank sincerely thanks you for using our bank's Internet Banking service.
In order to ensure customers' rights and the uninterrupted authentication of Internet Banking transactions using Viettel digital certificates after October 20, 2015, Vietnam Eximbank would like to respectfully inform you of the additional time granted. The missing validity of Viettel digital certificate is as follows:
Applicable subjects: Customers who have newly registered or renewed Viettel digital certificates used for authenticating Eximbank's Internet Banking transactions after October 20, 2014.
How to do it: Please go directly to Eximbank's nearest transaction point to receive support to supplement the missing validity period of Viettel digital certificate.
Implementation time: From October 8, 2015 to October 20, 2015.

Any questions please contact:
Customer support center (Call Center): 1800 1199

Once again, Vietnam Eximbank sincerely thanks you and looks forward to continuing to receive your support.
Best regards,
Vietnam Import Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank

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