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Notice regarding changes in fee schedule applicable to Eximbank domestic cards

Changes in fee schedule applicable to Eximbank domestic cards
Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) sincerely thanks you for your interest and support of Eximbank card services over the past time.
Eximbank respectfully announces:
Since November 25, 2014, the fee schedule for issuing and using Eximbank domestic cards is adjusted as follows:

  • Transactions at ATMs outside the Eximbank system: collect fee from the first transaction
    • Cash withdrawal: 3,300 VND/transaction.
    • Balance inquiry, statement printing: 550 VND/transaction.
    • Transfer: 0.011% x transaction amount, minimum 1,650 VND, maximum 16,500 VND.
  • Transactions at Eximbank ATMs:
    • Free for the first 3 transactions of the month (applies to all transactions).
    • From the 4th transaction of the month, Eximbank collects fees as follows:
      + Cash withdrawal: 1,100 VND/transaction.
      + Bank transfer: 2,200 VND/transaction.

Best regards,
Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank).

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