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Notice of information security in online transactions

Notice of information security in online transactions

"Dear customer,

To meet the increasingly diverse payment needs of customers, in recent times, Eximbank has continuously developed online banking services. At the same time, Eximbank has a technical team that always checks and monitors the level of safety and security of the online transaction system to bring trust to customers. Therefore, customers can feel secure when performing online transactions through Eximbank's website.

Recently, the media has reported the risk of online banking transactions being attacked by hackers through the OpenSSL Heartbleed security error. Eximbank has re-checked the entire system to ensure safety for customers during transactions.

Based on the actual review and inspection of the system, Eximbank affirms that Eximbank's online transaction system does not suffer from the OpenSSL Heartbleed security error, because Eximbank does not use the OpenSSL library with security errors as warned; At the same time, Eximbank's infrastructure system is protected by many layers of firewalls and anti-intrusion to prevent illegal access from the outside. In addition to reviewing and checking related systems, Eximbank has strengthened supervision of payment transactions via Internet Banking. Therefore, customers can feel secure when performing online transactions through Eximbank's website.

However, besides the solutions from the bank, your cooperation plays a very important role, because the potential risks of transactions via the Internet are partly due to users' negligence and lack of vigilance. Therefore, in order to prevent risks in using Internet Banking services, our bank has the following recommendations:

1/ Make sure the website address you access is correct:

Eximbank's official websites:

- Eximbank's information page:

- Eximbank's Internet Banking service:

Before logging in, always check the exact character of the Eximbank e-banking website address as above. Absolutely do not do so indirectly through links received from emails/text messages or on other websites.

If you discover a website impersonating Eximbank's website, please notify the Customer Support Center (Call Center): 08 or email:

2/ Be careful with the access environment (computer, network,...):

- Limit the use of public computers and public wireless networks (wifi) to use Internet Banking services.

- Regularly update your web browser and install computer operating system patches.

- Install reliable, copyrighted anti-virus software and the latest version.

- Always exit the Internet Banking service, close the browser window when finished and disconnect from the Internet if you suspect you are infected with a virus.

- Always lock the screen or turn off the computer when temporarily leaving or not in use.

3/ Protect service login information (login code, password):

- Absolutely do not disclose login information to others verbally, in writing or use that information to connect to any other system.

- Do not write your password on paper or leave it in a place where others can easily see it, or save it on a computer hard drive or any other unsecured device.

- Do not change passwords in public places such as cafes, Internet shops, libraries,...

- Do not click on the words "Save my password" or "Remember password" (meaning "save password") or similar lines of information to save your login password when prompted by the browser.

- When choosing or changing a password, do not rely on personal information (such as login code, full name, date of birth, phone number, address,...).

- You should register to use Eximbank's messaging service (SMS Banking service) to proactively monitor and manage balances on customers' deposit accounts or payment cards and 3D secure services of Visa and MasterCard to Limit risks for card payment transactions.

4/ Prevent impersonation:

- Do not click on any links or attachments to emails, prize announcements, unfounded advertising messages... from strange sources.

- Be wary of emails of unknown origin with headers from Eximbank and requests to provide personal information such as login code, password, authentication code because Eximbank never sends emails or calls to request requires you to provide important information such as: login code, password or authentication code, etc. In this case, please notify the Customer Support Center (Call Center): 08 39.15. 15.15 or email:


With the above recommendations, our bank hopes to bring safe and effective Internet Banking services to you.

Once again, Vietnam Eximbank sincerely thanks you and looks forward to continuing to receive your support.


Best regards

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