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Regarding the selection of an asset auction organization

Debt Management and Asset Exploitation Company Limited - Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank ("Eximbank AMC") announces the selection of an asset auction organization to conduct the asset auction with The selection criteria are as follows:
1.    Description of property:
-    Asset: Mitsubishi car license plate 30A-936.40; Chassis number: 3A92UC89123; Machine number: A13AFH017725; Paint color: white, according to Car Registration Certificate No. 162922 issued by the Traffic Police Department - Hanoi City Police on November 26, 2015 to KIM Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Company Limited;
- Legal status: Mortgage contract, minutes of handover of secured assets.
2. Starting price and form and method of asset auction:
a. Starting price: 245,000,000 VND (in words: Two hundred forty-five million VND).
-  The above price does not include taxes, fees and other financial obligations as prescribed.
b. Auction form: Live auction
3. Criteria for selecting an auction organization:

  Criteria: Every asset auction organization must have all the criteria as prescribed in Clause 4, Article 56 of the Law on Asset Auction dated November 17, 2016 and other criteria decided by Eximbank AMC, specifically as follows: after:
-  Enterprise legal records: Have full occupations as required;
-  Number of auctioneers: Minimum 02 or more auctioneers;
- Operating time: 03 years of experience or more;
-    Facilities and equipment: There is an auction room and an information system for auctions;
-    Auction plan: Suitable according to Eximbank AMC's requirements;
-    Experience capacity: There is a description of experience capacity;
-  Appropriate auction service remuneration and asset auction costs: According to regulations in Circular No. 45/2017/TT-BTC dated May 12, 2017 of the Ministry of Finance and agreement;
4. Deadline and address for submitting applications:
-    Time limit: 03 working days from the date of public announcement on the national auction portal - Ministry of Justice.
-  The person submitting the application must bring a Letter of Introduction and Identity Card (Note: Applications not selected by Eximbank AMC will not be returned)
-  Application location: Northern Debt Settlement and Asset Management Team - Eximbank AMC, address: 02nd floor, Harec Building, 4A Lang Ha, Thanh Cong Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi City .
-  For any problems, please contact Mr. Kieu Duy Thien - Staff of the Northern Water Treatment & Product Management Team - Eximbank AMC. Phone number: 0983.119.443