Notice of card information security and safety


Dear Customer,

According to information recorded about new tricks of high-tech criminals to appropriate money in customers' accounts, Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) respectfully sends customers information about the form of fraud. new crime, as follows:

Fraudsters send messages to customers with  content similar to “Eximbank updates the bank's software”, “EXIM account has been frozen, please check again”,..., with links to websites Fake websites created and controlled by entities such as, Fake websites have an interface copied almost identical to Eximbank's Internet Banking website, so customers can easily mistakenly this is the bank's official website. In many different forms, these websites will ask customers to log in, provide personal information, provide OTP authentication code... Once the information is obtained, the subjects will be able to perform fake and fraudulent transactions aimed at appropriating customers' money.

Therefore, Eximbank would like to inform customers to be aware, be vigilant and absolutely do not access, provide information as well as perform any transactions on websites and links when receiving such information. Same message as above.

If you have any questions, please contact hotline 18001199 for detailed instructions.

Best regards.