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Notice of card information security and safety

Notice of card information security and safety

Dear Customer,
Currently, along with the rapid development of modern banking services, high-tech crimes are tending to increase in both quantity and form. Therefore, your card transactions are safe. Eximbank recommends some points to note about safety and security when using cards as follows:

DO NOT provide personal security information related to card number, card expiration date, CVV2 number, OTP code, PIN code, Internet Banking/Mobile Banking login password... to anyone in any form.
DO NOT open, download files or access links included in emails/messages containing information of unknown origin. Emails/messages containing malicious code are often disguised as ".pdf", ".mp4", ".doc", ".docx", ".exe" data files or fake news links.
SHOULD install copyrighted anti-virus software and updated versions of the operating system for computers, phones and electronic devices used for online transactions.
SHOULD limit the use of public WiFi networks for online transactions. In an emergency, you should use 3G or 4G for personal devices to make transactions.
SHOULD register to use the international card SMS Alert service and monitor transaction notification messages to promptly detect unusual transactions arising on the card.

To register for the international card SMS Alert service, you can go to any Eximbank Branch/Transaction Office or text the syntax EIB SMSALERT [last 6 digits of the card] and send to 8149.
During the process of using the card, you can proactively lock/unlock the international card by composing a message with the following syntax and sending it to 8149:

International card key: EIB KHOATHE [last 6 digits of the card]
Open international card: EIB MOTHE [last 6 digits of the card]

In case there is any suspicion of fraudulent or fraudulent transactions, please immediately contact the 24/7 Customer Support Service Center: 1800 1199 to block the card urgently (free call). .
Eximbank always wants to bring safety and security to customers while using services at Eximbank.
Best regards,

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