Eximbank's announcement


Notice of application of Internet Banking service fees for individual customers

In order to offset system construction investment costs and operating costs, Eximbank respectfully announces that, from April 2, 2012, Eximbank will apply annual fees for individual customers who register for Internet Banking services. Eximbank. Details are as follows:

- Fee: 110,000 VND/customer/1 year.

- Applicable service package: Customers register to use Internet Banking service E-Plus package (information queries and transactions via Internet Banking such as: Transfer, savings, bill payment, phone top-up , loan payment,...).

- Fee collection time:

Customers who register before April 1, 2012: Collection on April 2, 2012.

Customers registering after April 2, 2012: Collected immediately at the time the customer registers to use the service.

Eximbank sincerely thanks you for using Eximbank's services in the past and continuing to support Eximbank in the future.

For further information, please contact Customer Support Center 08.39151515-1900.545474

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