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On November 28, 2018, MSIG Vietnam and Eximbank jointly organized the launch of "Private home insurance contract management software system". This is a product of cooperation between the two units, and also marks the birth of a new contract management system that makes MSIG Vietnam the first and only foreign non-life insurance company affiliated with a bank. Applicable products in Vietnam.

Currently, according to the requirements of state agencies on fire prevention and fighting (Circular 214/2013/TTLT-BTC-BCA of the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Public Security), for establishments with many households such as houses, For collectives and apartment buildings, household owners are required to buy fire and explosion insurance. In addition, with banks' requirements to control risks with collateral assets and comply with international regulations and practices of Basel II, banks have begun to apply fire and explosion insurance to their assets. your mortgage. On that basis, the private home insurance contract management software system - built and developed by MSIG Vietnam - has come into operation.

Converting traditional insurance contract issuance procedures to electronic insurance contract issuance will shorten procedural barriers, time, and accuracy of the insurance contract when issued. , thereby bringing a more professional and convenient experience to partners and customers.

From left to right: Mr. Yutaka Moriwaki - Member of the Board of Directors of Eximbank and Mr. Hiroto Suzuhigashi - Deputy General Director of MSIG Vietnam at the ceremony to deploy the private housing management software system

Mr. Hiroto Suzuhigashi, representative of MSIG Vietnam, shared: "The world is embracing the trend of technological innovation 4.0, in which "InsurTech" is a new concept combining Insurance and Technology that has become an inevitable trend. weaknesses of the insurance industry in general and non-life insurance in particular. Not outside that trend, MSIG Vietnam has taken advantage of technology platforms to form a new management system, helping MSIG as well as its partners. Eximbank can save time and costs; making it more convenient for customers to participate in insurance in the age of technology."

Mr. Kenji Okada, representative of Eximbank, said: "Eximbank and MSIG have cooperated since 2012 on home and apartment insurance products and then continued to expand cooperation on other types of insurance such as: Health insurance. health, accidents, travel, cars, goods. In addition to diversifying products and services for our customers, we appreciate this strategic partnership, especially the system that MSIG was developed with the goal of reducing manual operations and automating operations. This system helps us manage internal services more closely, creating a basis for improving customer service quality. customers more effectively, through analyzing customer data to build business strategies with customer goals as the focus."

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