Eximbank continues to receive the award for Excellent International Payment Quality awarded by JP Morgan Bank.

On June 22, 2022, Ms. Insiyah Shikari, Senior Director, Head of Customer Service for the ASEAN region, JP Morgan Bank - one of the leading international banks awarded the National Payment Quality Award. Te Excellence (2021 Elite Quality Recognition Award by JP Morgan) for Eximbank. This is an award recognizing Eximbank's excellent quality in automatically processing international payment messages (with the rate of international payment messages throughout 2021 being 99.66%).

Eximbank received the award for Excellent International Payment Quality from JP Morgan Bank with the international payment wire rate throughout 2021 being 99.66%.

At the meeting, Mr. Dao Hong Chau, Deputy General Director of Eximbank shared about Eximbank's operations in recent times; Accordingly, key business indicators all have good growth, credit quality is controlled in accordance with the bank's goals. Mr. Chau also said that this Award is recognition and encouragement for Eximbank to continue to improve, invest in technology, affirm service quality and best serve customers. Ms. Insiyah Shikari said that Eximbank is one of the few banks with a record of receiving this award for 8 consecutive years, which shows the stability of the quality of payment services, systems and experience of the ministries. Eximbank employees in the fields of international payment, trade finance and foreign exchange trading. The two banks will continue to promote comprehensive business cooperation activities in the coming time to best serve the customer needs of the two banks.

Known for its more than 33 years of experience in international payment activities, foreign exchange trading and trade finance, Eximbank has cooperative relationships with more than 800 agent banks in 70 countries and territories. In recent years, the world's leading banks such as JP Morgan, Bank of New York Mellon, Wells Fargo, and CitiBank have continuously awarded Eximbank awards for excellent international payment quality. In particular, in May 2022, Eximbank was also informed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to increase the trade finance limit for Eximbank; At the same time, providing a free technical support package to Eximbank to develop the Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) policy through  the consulting company Environmental Resources Management Limited (ERM) appointed by ADB. With Eximbank continuing to receive support from ADB, it shows that Eximbank's increasingly enhanced brand among financial institutions and banks in the international market will help significantly develop Eximbank's strength in payments. international, trade finance and further meet the trade finance needs of domestic customers.