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Join Eximbank towards a cashless society


Currently, the acute respiratory infection epidemic caused by the Corona virus strain (also known as Covid 19) is complicated with 1,489 deaths and about 64,280 infections globally (data as of February 14, 2019). 2020). In addition to disease prevention recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO), the State Bank has deployed a number of disease prevention and control contents to credit institutions and advised people to limit Use cash, limit contact, go to crowded places, increase use of online payment services to reduce the risk of spreading nCoV.

As a service provider dealing with a large number of customers who come to transact every day, Eximbank has proactively encouraged its customers to use more electronic banking services such as: Internet Banking, Mobile Banking... to limit the increase in infectious agents. At the same time, the bank also advises customers on non-cash payment habits according to the policy of the State Bank that has been implemented before.

Recently, Eximbank has deployed synchronous electronic banking accounts on Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. At the same time, through linking the bank's systems together, Eximbank will manage internal and service risks. quickly and serve your customers more effectively.

Currently, these applications have been integrated with many functions by Eximbank to meet most of the needs of customers to pay for goods and services 24/7 such as: Quick money transfer, payment of utility bills, purchase of air tickets. flights and other convenient services.

Eximbank is having the program "Deposit money online - Receive gifts online", whereby Eximbank will give electronic gift vouchers (E-Voucher) to customers who participate in online savings for a 6-month term. Specifically, when customers open online savings on e-banking applications (Internet Banking and Mobile Banking), they will receive a notification from Eximbank with a link to receive an E-Voucher. For every 200,000,000 VND, you will immediately receive 01 Got it E-Voucher worth 100,000 VND to use for purchases from famous brands nationwide.

For a cashless society, Eximbank hopes that these incentives and outstanding utilities will help customers form the habit of online transactions and convert from over-the-counter or point-of-sale transactions. to e-Banking channels.

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