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Intermediary service for payment of real estate transfer transactions

In order to better meet the needs of customers, from May 2, 2018, Eximbank officially provides intermediary service for payment of real estate transfer transactions. This is a service where Eximbank acts as a payment intermediary as designated by the buyer and seller in real estate transfer transactions.
With the following utilities, features, conditions and procedures:
Ensure legal rights for buyers and sellers in real estate transfer transactions
Minimize disputes arising during the transfer and payment process
Don't worry about risks in counting and transporting cash
Competitive fees

The seller receives money from the sale of real estate on time as agreed
Ensure the payment schedule committed between the two buyers and sellers in the transfer transaction
The payment deposit account earns interest according to the payment deposit interest rate

Conditions and procedures:
Valid identification documents of the buyer and seller
Household registration book/KT3 of the buyer and seller
Real estate ownership records of the seller
Real estate transaction contract/agreement
Other relevant papers and documents depending on each case

For more details, please contact the nearest Branch or Transaction Office for support.

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