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Incentives for businesses to invest in Japanese - Korean trucks

The program "INCENTIVES FOR BUSINESSES TO INVEST IN JAPAN-Korean TRUCKS" is an optimal financial solution package for businesses wishing to invest in Japanese and Korean branded vehicles.

- Benefits of the product:

Loan term up to 60 months.
Businesses are free to choose their preferred interest rate and fee package

- Characteristic:
Loan currency: VND
Loan term for each capital withdrawal: 60 months for Japanese brand cars and 48 months for Korean brand cars.
Form of loan security: trucks formed from loan capital

- Loan conditions:
Be eligible for loans according to Eximbank's regulations
Feasible business plan

- Loans profile:
Legal documents of customers requesting loans.
Records and documents related to loan plans and debt repayment sources.

Customer support center Call Center - 1800 1199

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