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Great promotions at Citimart for Eximbank-Visa cardholders

1. Name of the promotion program: "Big promotion at Citimart for Eximbank-Visa cardholders".

2. Promotional products: Eximbank-Visa card payment service at Eximbank's card acceptance unit (POS EIB) at Dong Hung Trading and Service Company Limited (Citimart).

3. Form of promotion: Giving bonuses.

4. Promotion period: From September 1, 2011 to October 15, 2011.

5. Scope of promotion:  Citimart system nationwide.

6. Subjects of promotion:
- All Eximbank-Visa cardholders won the promotional program "Shop with Visa - Win Ipad gifts" implemented by Citimart.

7. Prize structure:
- The gift is a bonus worth 500,000 VND for Eximbank-Visa cardholders who pay on POS EIB at Citimart and win the promotion program "Shop with Visa - Win an Ipad" implemented by Citimart.

- Total number of gifts: is the total number of Eximbank-Visa credit cardholders who won the promotional program "Shop with Visa - Win Ipad gifts" implemented by Citimart and satisfied the Rules of this program.

8. Content and detailed rules of the promotion program:
8.1  General trading regulations:
- Transactions eligible for this promotion are successful payment transactions for goods and services on POS EIB at Citimart and have a value of 300,000 VND or more (excluding VAT).

- Transactions at ATMs and Eximbank transaction counters; Public bill payment transactions: electricity, water, telephone..., payment via the Internet; Canceled transactions are not counted.

8.2 Regulations on how to determine winning prizes:
- Conditions for receiving rewards: customers are Eximbank - Visa cardholders who pay on EIB POS at Citimart and win the promotion program "Shop with Visa - Win Ipad gifts" deployed by Citimart.

- Prize regulations: Eximbank transfers prize money directly to the card accounts of winning customers according to the prize list announced by Citimart and satisfies the rules of this program.

- Regulations on how to determine winning prizes: Based on the list of winning customers (not exceeding 45 customers) of the promotional program "Shop with Visa - Win Ipad gifts" announced by Citimart, reviewed by Eximbank Winning customers must satisfy these Program Rules to receive prizes.

- Regulations on the number of gifts for winning cardholders: Each cardholder can only receive a maximum of one gift.

9. Responsibility for notification:
- Eximbank is responsible for fully announcing the detailed content of the promotional program rules and the list of winning customers on Eximbank's website: or other mass media.

- No later than 10 working days from the date Eximbank sends notice to winning customers, Eximbank will award prizes to winning customers for each promotion period.

- For any customer questions related to promotional programs, customers can contact Eximbank's transaction locations nationwide or contact:

Citimart supermarket chain nationwide.
Customer Support Center:
- Eximbank: 08.38210051-38210046,
- Citimart:  08.38370799,


10. Other regulations:
- Prizes are awarded to cardholders whose names are on the winning list announced by Citimart.

- The cardholder is responsible for keeping the necessary Purchase Invoices and Card Payment Invoices for presentation when requested by the Bank. The amount on the Purchase Invoice must match the Merchant's Card Payment Invoice.

- Eximbank will not award prizes to the cardholder if the cardholder stops using the card: (i) during the promotion period; or (ii) before the bonus payment period of the promotion program.

- Eximbank is the final decision maker in approving valid transactions and implementing reward procedures.

- Eximbank is exempted from liability for force majeure events that occur during the program such as: fire, explosion, flood, earthquake... causing cardholder transactions to be incorrect or unexecutable. or not transmitted to the banking system.

- Eximbank has the right to change and adjust the terms and conditions of the program accordingly and Eximbank must announce it widely and publicly on Eximbank's website ( 7 days before application. New adjusted content.

- By participating in this program, the Cardholder accepts all terms and conditions of the program listed in these Program Rules and all terms in the Terms and Conditions of Use Eximbank - Visa card issued by Eximbank.

- The winning cardholder must bear travel and accommodation expenses related to receiving the prize (if receiving the prize at an Eximbank transaction point) and irregular income tax according to the provisions of law (if any).

- Eximbank has full rights to use the name and image of the winning cardholder for advertising purposes.

- Eximbank is responsible for the accuracy in issuing evidence to determine winning prizes in the promotion program. In case the proof of winning the prize issued by Eximbank has errors that cause misunderstandings for the cardholder about winning the prize, Eximbank is responsible for re-identifying the correct winning cardholder to award this prize to the cardholder.

- In case of a dispute related to this promotion program, Citimart is responsible for directly resolving it according to the provisions of law.

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