Eximbank's announcement


Get a credit card immediately when borrowing money at Eximbank

From October 5, 2017, Eximbank implemented a policy of opening preferential credit cards exclusively for customers who borrow capital at the bank. Accordingly, for each loan at Eximbank, customers will be issued a free credit card with a limit of up to 20% of the credit contract value without having to prove income.

With Eximbank's international credit card, customers can enjoy incentives and amenities such as: discounts when making transactions at nearly 300 hundred business locations in Vietnam (all types of fashion, restaurants, hotels, etc.). hotels, spas, healthcare, education,...) and more than 600 business locations worldwide; Accumulate points to redeem for cash or airline miles; Refunds when traveling or shopping abroad; Pay in installments with 0% interest at nearly 40 business locations,...
In addition, customers will also feel secure when transacting safely with 3D-Secure service - authenticating transactions with OTP code when paying online.
Contact Eximbank immediately for advice on card issuance:
Hotline: 1800 1199
Any Eximbank Branch or Transaction Office nationwide.

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