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From September 15, 2015, Eximbank expanded Online Savings products to 85 products.

In order to maximize service utility and support customers to deposit savings quickly, anytime, anywhere, Eximbank constantly perfects the "Online Savings" product with a full range of products and programs to meet deposit needs. customer savings like at the counter.
From September 15, 2015, Eximbank expanded Online Savings products to 85 products, with new programs and products:
- Rewards program "Big promotion with Eximbank" until November 6, 2015

Applicable to customers depositing "Optional term savings" of 30 million VND or more, with incentives:
  •  Immediately receive a lucky draw code at the end of the period with a high chance of winning.
  • The deposit interest rate is 0.1%/year higher than over-the-counter deposits
  • Outstanding interest rates from 4.8%/year to 6.8%/year (1 - 12 months)
  • Actively choose the maturity date, right at the time of deposit
  • The prize code is sent by SMS to the customer's mobile number.
- Program "The longer you deposit, the higher the interest rate" until December 31, 2015
  •  Deposit for terms of 15 months or more, with attractive interest rates
  • Outstanding interest rate up to 7.1%/year
  • The interest rate is 0.1%/year higher than over-the-counter deposits
- New product "Savings for optional term"
  •  Actively choose the due date right at the time of deposit
  • The interest rate is 0.1%/year higher than over-the-counter deposits 
Thus, Eximbank has fully deployed online savings products similar to those at the counter:
- Big promotion with Eximbank: Received a prize code
- Saving term of your choice: Actively choose due dates
- The longer you deposit, the higher the interest rate: High interest rates for terms from 15 months
- Eximbank VIP savings: Exclusively for VIP customers
- 1 year installment deposit: Deposit monthly, enjoy high interest rate of 6.1%/year
- Deposit Salary accumulation: Accumulate from salary, receive bonus points, exchange gifts
- Term deposits date: Flexible deposit 1 day, 2 days
- Weekly term deposits: Flexible deposits on weekly terms
- Monthly term deposits: Diverse deposit terms from 1 month to 60 months,
  Diverse forms of interest payment
- Trường Phát Lộc deposit Deposit 24, 36 months to enjoy high interest rates and preferential loans

Customers should experience the outstanding benefits and incentives that Eximbank exclusively offers to customers who deposit money online on Internet Banking:

  • Eximbank provides a full range of Online Deposit products similar to depositing money at the counter.
    Send money or settle payments anytime, anywhere, including weekends and holidays.
  • Customers can open term deposits at the counter, and settle on Internet Banking, and vice versa.
  • Customers who need to deposit additional money into the opened term deposit account: do not need to close the old account, just do it on Internet Banking to deposit additional money to transfer from the demand deposit to the deposit account. have an existing term on the same opening or due date, or pay at any time for deposit accounts, salary accumulation
  • Customers who need to withdraw capital can withdraw capital partially or settle the entire deposit balance.
  • Interest on a customer's monthly, quarterly, and annual term deposit account when opened online is automatically transferred to the customer's payment account.
  • Provided services on Internet Banking, register for Eximbank to automatically transfer interest from Term
  • Deposit to Demand Deposit: practical for customers to send forms to receive interest monthly, quarterly, and annually.
  • Query to view bonus points, redeem bonus points online on Internet Banking when depositing Salary Accumulation Deposit.
  •  Online deposit interest rates are 0.1%/year higher at the counter than when depositing at the counter.
  • Low deposit amount: only need from 2 million VND or 200 USD

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