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From March 3, 2014, Eximbank deployed "Identification and authentication of banking transactions by fingerprint" at all transaction points on the system

Applying modern banking technology and always putting the safety and security of customers first, since March 3, 2014, Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) officially deployed to technology customers "Recognize and authenticate banking transactions by fingerprint" across Eximbank's system of transaction points.
Identify transactions at the counter by fingerprint, instead of ID card

Customers only need to register their fingerprint at Eximbank and can go to any Eximbank transaction point including Transaction Office 1, Branches, and Transaction Offices to make transactions without having to present their identity card. .
With a very simple operation, by inserting your finger into the fingerprint reader, the identification system will provide customer identification results within a few seconds.
Fingerprint transactions are considered a measure to minimize risks that many countries around the world are using. Because each person's fingerprint pattern is unique, it will ensure absolute safety in account transactions, avoiding the case of using fake identity cards for transactions.

Withdraw money by fingerprint, no ATM card required

Customers will no longer have to worry about not being able to withdraw money because they forgot to bring their ATM card, or are afraid of having their ATM card password revealed,... they just need to register to authenticate the transaction with their fingerprint to withdraw money. Transactions at ATMs, without using an ATM card.
Just enter the fingerprint code from the ATM keypad and place your finger on the fingerprint scanner, customers can withdraw money or perform all other transactions at the ATM without using a card. This new technology at Eximbank will ensure safety, customers can feel absolutely secure when transacting with the bank.
List of ATMs that apply "Fingerprint transaction authentication".
Customers can register to use the service "Identification and authentication of transactions by fingerprint" at Eximbank's transaction points.

For more detailed information about the services, please contact: Nearest Branch/Transaction Office; Refer to website; or call the Customer Service Center – CallCenter: 1900 54 54 74.

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