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From July 24, 2015, Eximbank applies password authentication on Internet Banking: transferring money with the owner, opening or finalizing deposits

To create optimal convenience for customers when using Internet Banking services, saving both transaction time and costs for customers, and convenience in operations, while still ensuring customer safety. .
Since July 24, 2015, when individual customers make transactions on Internet Banking with the following functions:

Transfer of same owner in the system: transfer money in the system from one demand account to another demand account of the same owner
Open a new deposit account on Internet Banking: transfer money from a demand account to open a term account of the same owner
Finalize deposit account on Internet Banking: finalize money transfer from term account to non-term account of the same owner

Customers only need to enter the login password to authenticate the transaction. Transactions will be conducted quickly and securely.
The remaining transactions on Internet Banking: still apply the current form of authentication: SMS OTP or Mobile OTP or digital certificate (PKI).
Eximbank is committed to providing customers with Internet Banking services with outstanding benefits.
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