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Free SMS Banking service information, SMS notification of savings due date, gold holding from June 28, 2016

In order to encourage customers to use SMS Banking services and increase convenience for customers when opening payment accounts at Eximbank, from June 28, 2016, Eximbank announced FREE announcement of 02 SMS Banking services "Announcement". automatic balance change" and "Send SMS notifying due date of deposits, savings, and gold holding" to all customers using the service.
SMS Banking service - Receive automatic balance change notification messages: is a service provided to help customers manage fluctuations in payment deposit account balances. When there are related deposit/withdrawal transactions, the Eximbank system will send notification messages to customers via the registered subscription number. (Applicable to deposit/withdrawal transactions of 10,000 VND or more)
See service details
Accordingly, from June 28, 2016, the SMS Banking fee schedule "Automatic balance change notification" is adjusted as follows:
Maintain the fee of 30,000 VND/account/subscriber/quarter (excluding VAT). (Unlimited number of messages)

To register for the SMS Banking service "Automatic balance change notification", customers can register in the following 3 ways:
1. Register by sending SMS to switchboard 8149

Instructions for registering for the service via SMS to 8149
2. Register online service on Internet Banking

- Customers log in to the Internet Banking page and register according to the following instructions:

Instructions for registering online services on Internet Banking
3. Register at the nearest Eximbank Branches and Transaction Offices

- Customers bring their ID card when registering for services at Eximbank's transaction points.
In addition, from June 28, 2016, customers who use the service: "Send SMS to notify due date of deposits, savings, and gold holding" will also receive FREE notification.
"Send SMS notifying the due date of deposits, savings, and gold holdings" is a service that automatically sends text messages notifying the due date of all term deposit, savings, and gold holding accounts. term of 1 month or more from the customer, when the customer registers to use this service.
See service details

Specifically, the adjusted fee schedule is as follows:
Maintain the same service fee: 3,000 VND/month/subscriber/customer (excluding VAT), only charge customers when messages arise during the fee collection period.
FREE beyond information
In particular, Eximbank offers free service of the service "Send SMS notification of due date" to the following customers:
VIP customers, or
Customers have total deposits and savings in VND and foreign currencies at Eximbank of 1 billion or more, or
Customers who have registered for SMS Banking service (a service that automatically receives SMS messages when the demand account balance changes)

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