From June 15, 2022, Eximbank offers free Online Banking for life for individual customers who newly register for Online Banking.

With the desire to help customers save costs in using financial services in an era of increasing non-cash payments, Eximbank officially offers free Online Banking for life for individual customers who newly register for Online Banking services. from June 15, 2022. Accordingly, new customers opening a payment account at Eximbank for the first time will be provided with Online Banking services and free for life so that customers can conveniently transact anytime, anywhere with the bank's financial services. row. In addition, existing customers who have not previously registered for Online Banking service will also receive a lifetime free offer when registering for a new service.

Recently, Eximbank adjusted the online money transfer limit to better serve customers as well as help customers proactively transact entirely on Eximbank's digital platform. Accordingly, the maximum remittance limit will normally increase to 5 billion VND/day. For customers registering for the Online Banking VIP package, the limit is up to 30 billion VND/day. High-value transactions are always kept safe by Eximbank with the Eximbank Smart OTP authentication method. Smart OTP is issued right on the customer's phone and is encrypted with a complex, multi-layered protection system that is difficult to tamper with. Therefore, Smart OTP is a protective shield with leading modern technology, thereby helping customers feel secure in all online banking transactions.

For customers who regularly transfer money on Online Banking, Eximbank offers the product "Use combo, free online money transfer", whereby only need to maintain a minimum balance of 500,000 VND in the payment deposit account, and register to use the full combo package, customers receive free online money transfer (including free money transfer on Online Banking and free counting on Online Banking) and free of all other fees when using the combo ( including SMS Banking fees for receiving account balance changes, fees for using Online Banking)

In addition, Eximbank also provides a variety of payment services to meet customers' needs: Payment of electricity and water bills, purchase of airline tickets, payment of tuition fees, payment of securities, payment of telecommunications fees. , etc. In addition, Eximbank is also implementing a series of programs for individual customers to deposit money such as: Deposit new capital, come and receive gifts; Customer Gratitude; Full of incentives with Eximbank. In addition, when you deposit savings at Eximbank, you will immediately receive attractive gifts and have the opportunity to win many prizes.

For more information or detailed instructions, please visit the website:, or go to the nearest Eximbank transaction unit. For timely support, you can also contact the 24/7 Multi-Channel Customer Support Service hotline: 1800 1199 (Free).