Eximbank's announcement


Free change to new Bin code 970431 for V-TOP customers

To facilitate the management of card issuers, the State Bank of Vietnam requires all banks providing card issuance services to convert old BIN codes to new BIN codes issued by the State Bank.

Accordingly, from now until December 31, 2012, Eximbank will convert cards to new BINs (first 6 digits of card number 970431) for free for all customers using old BIN cards (707070). and will expand the scope of using new BIN cards to pay for goods and services (in addition to cash withdrawal facilities) at all card acceptance points (POS) of banks in the Smartlink Alliance, Banknetvn, VNBC ,... nationwide.

During the conversion period, customers can still use the old BIN card until receiving the new BIN card or until the end of December 31, 2012. When coming to receive a new BIN card, customers bring their ID card and old BIN card.

For more detailed information, please contact 24/7 Customer Support Service:
Phone: (08) 38210046, 38210051;
Fax: (08) 38212367,
Or the nearest Eximbank transaction points.

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