Eximbank's announcement


Foreign currency arrangement service for overseas investment for corporate customers

a. Implementation time: from June 20, 2019
b. Applicable objects: Business customers
c. Content services:
Eximbank issues a written commitment to arrange foreign currency from the credit institution upon receiving the customer's request. The credit institution's written commitment to arrange foreign currency shows the content of Eximbank's commitment to sell foreign currency to investors in specific amounts to implement the project with specific information about the project name and organization name. foreign officials and countries and territories receiving investment in case the investor meets the conditions for purchasing foreign currency according to the provisions of law.
d. Conditions for using the Service: Customers must open a payment account at Eximbank.
e. Other regulations: The policy on cancellation/adjustment of foreign currency commitment documents of credit institutions does not apply.
f. Answering questions: For any questions related to the Service, please contact Eximbank's Branches/Transaction Offices.

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