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Experience life's conveniences by using Eximbank domestic Debit card (V-TOP) to activate Moca e-Wallet on Grab application

       In order to diversify products, services and utilities and be in line with market development trends to better meet the increasing and diverse needs of customers, Eximbank officially launched connection and payment by bank transfer. Domestic debit card issued by Eximbank with Moca e-wallet on Grab application.
From August 28, 2019, customers can use domestic Debit cards issued by Eximbank to make transactions: Link the card to Moca e-Wallet; Payment for goods and services; Top up e-wallet; Withdraw money from e-wallet from card successfully linked on Moca e-wallet (withdraw money from e-wallet to card issuer account linked to customer's wallet).
With the use of card number encryption technology when linking Moca e-Wallet, customers can be completely assured about the security and safety of card information compared to traditional payment methods. At the same time, customers will experience more modern conveniences through the use of new, trend-leading payment solutions such as Moca e-wallet on the Grab application for services such as: transportation (GrabBike, GrabCar ), freight delivery (GrabExpress), food delivery (GrabFood), bills at online stores as well as scan QR codes at thousands of locations accepting Moca e-Wallet nationwide.

In addition, customers also enjoy many incentives from promotional programs launched from Eximbank and Moca e-wallet on the Grab application.
To make a payment connection with Moca e-Wallet, you only need to download the Moca application or Grab application, own an Eximbank domestic debit card, and register for the online payment service for the card number to be linked. and link the card with Moca e-Wallet.
You can register for online payment service for your card number through the following channels: at Eximbank Branches/Transaction Offices, Internet Banking, Eximbank Mobile Banking or texting with the syntax:

EIB ECOM [last 8 characters of card number] or EIB ECOM [Card number] and send to 8149

Service usage limits according to regulations of Eximbank and Moca in each period.
Please refer to: promotional program rules and service usage instructions.
For all service-related issues, please visit the website:; or contact Hotline 18001199 for support.

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