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From July 18, 2023, Eximbank officially launched a cooperation service with VNPAY on e-wallet service.

Customers can easily link payment accounts opened at Eximbank on both Eximbank EDigi applications and VNPAY e-Wallet (VNPAY Wallet *), thereby experiencing convenience and flexibility in managing personal accounts. in the 4.0 technology era

Connecting accounts and depositing/withdrawing money between payment accounts and wallets becomes simple and fast, giving customers many choices in non-cash payments for daily transactions. , and enjoy incentives on both Eximbank EDigi and VNPAY Wallet.

The successful cooperation with VNPAY Wallet is a new step for Eximbank in modernizing the provision of increasingly diverse e-wallet services with prominent wallet brands in the market: ZaloPay, Momo, VNPT PAY, ShopeePay, Moca... thereby creating conditions for Eximbank's customers to easily access flexible payment services, enhance online financial experience, and simplify daily life needs.

-  Instructions for linking Eximbank payment accounts and VNPAY Wallet, please see details here
-  Download Eximbank EDigi application:
App Store
Google Play
-  Log in to Eximbank EDigi web version at

If you have any questions while using the service, please contact the Customer Support Hotline:
-  About Eximbank EDigi: 1800 1199 (free call).
-  About VNPAY Wallet: 1900 55 55 77.

* VNPAY e-wallet (VNPAY Wallet) is the first e-Wallet for families in Vietnam, developed by Vietnam Payment Solutions Joint Stock Company (VNPAY). VNPAY wallet is currently one of the most popular e-wallets on the market with a diverse utility ecosystem and regular incentives for customers.


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