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Eximbank won the "Fastest Growing Debit Issuers" award from Mastercard - A steady step forward in the field of card services

During the solemn event of the "2023 Year-end Party and Appreciation for Mastercard" in Hanoi recently, Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) was honored by the Mastercard Card Organization with the "Fastest Growing Debit" award. Issuers". This recognition not only reflects Eximbank's significant Debit card growth rate but is also a testament to its advanced business strategy and commitment to constantly improving customer service. This special event marks a journey of continuous development and affirms Eximbank's position in the card service market in Vietnam.

((Representative of Eximbank - Mr. La Kim Vi - Director of Business Development & Card Product Development received award from MasterCard) received award from MasterCard)

Ms. Winnie Wong, Country Manager of Mastercard in Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos, honored Eximbank in a ceremony attended by many of the bank's partners and customers. By being awarded this award, Eximbank is not only recognized for the impressive growth rate of Debit card services but also for its tireless efforts to improve customer experience. This success is the result of applying innovative marketing strategies and providing card products and services tailored to customers' diverse needs.

Eximbank not only stops at expanding market share but also pays special attention to improving card service quality. The bank has implemented many training programs for staff, to ensure that each customer coming to Eximbank receives dedicated and professional service. Besides, investing in modern technology makes account management and transactions easier and more convenient than ever. Eximbank continues to commit to constantly improving products and services and expanding its network to serve customers anytime, anywhere.

At the award receiving ceremony, Eximbank representative shared: "We would like to send our sincere thanks to Mastercard and most of all, to our customers - those who have continuously trusted and chosen Eximbank as their indispensable companion. lacking at every stage of its development. To continue the service and satisfy customers' transaction needs, each line of Eximbank Mastercard cards launched affirms the value of convenience brought.

Eximbank's Mastercard Debit international payment card has opened the world's doors to Vietnamese consumers, allowing Customers to access and enjoy global financial services conveniently and safely. Eximbank One World Mastercard, with its exclusive International and Domestic Airport Lounge benefits, has continuously improved the quality of life for customers. Meanwhile, the Eximbank Mastercard Business World Card, designed specifically for businessmen and organizations, has become an indispensable payment tool in transactions with a cashback incentive of 12 million VND/year, especially Incentives for advertising transactions on Facebook, Google, Digital Ads.

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