Eximbank was selected in the ranking of 25 banks with the highest asset growth rate in the world.

According to information from The Banker magazine on July 26, 2011, Vietnam Import-Export Bank - Eximbank was honored to be voted by The Banker magazine as the only bank in Vietnam and in the Southeast Asia region to enter the list. Ranking of 25 banks with the highest asset growth rate in the world.

Besides,  according to The Banker magazine,  Eximbank was also selected into the Ranking of 1,000 leading banks in the world. Among the 8 Vietnamese banks voted into The Banker's Ranking, Eximbank is honored to be the 4th bank. This ranking was started by The Banker magazine in 1970 and published annually in 1970. July. The Banker's first important ranking criteria is Tier 1 capital including:

- Charter capital (allocated capital, contributed capital)

- Service development investment fund

- Reserve fund to supplement charter capital

- Profits are not divided

- Share surplus is included in capital according to the provisions of law.

- In addition, other criteria used by The Banker in the ranking of the world's top 1,000 banks include total assets, capital asset ratio, real profit growth, average profit/capital, ROA, BIS, NPL, and LTD (ratio of outstanding debt to mobilized capital).

The main purpose of this Ranking is to recognize the performance of the world's leading banks and to be used as a source of guidance on the strength and profitability of banks.