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Eximbank Warns customers about fraudulent tricks related to Online banking and Online payment services.


Dear Customer
Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) would like to sincerely thank you for using Eximbank's services in the past.
Recently, in some cases when customers using banking services have encountered the risk of losing money in their bank accounts, creating anxiety for customers when using e-banking services. Eximbank respectfully informs customers of a number of notes related to electronic banking transactions.

1.1 Tactics to trick customers into accessing fake links sent via text message, email, social networks (Zalo, Facebook, Viber,...): customers receive calls or text messages informing them that A remitted amount needs to verify information before receiving money to the account, including the link attached. The bank warns customers to note the following:
All requests to provide passwords to log in to online banking services through fake links, requests to provide OTP transaction authentication codes from any subject, including bank employees, are all scams and Customers may have money deducted from their account if they provide an OTP code through a fake website, any object, social network, etc.
There is no OTP to confirm the transaction to receive money transferred to the account, all requests to provide OTP codes to receive money are fake..
1.2 Fraud tricks by forging brand name messages of banks, messages of police agencies, courts, etc.
Fraudsters fake brand messages - SMS Brand Name (*) from banks, police agencies, courts, etc. with a link for customers to click to receive money, these fake messages are used. stored in the same folder as the banks' "real" branded messages on the user's mobile phone. Therefore, it is easy for customers to mistakenly think that this is an official announcement from banks or relevant agencies. This is a very sophisticated and completely new trick.
When accessing the link in the message content, the system will automatically display a fake website, with an interface similar to the bank's official website and asked to fill in information such as: login name. , password, OTP code... Once the information is obtained, the subjects will be able to control the customer's online money transfer account and perform transfer, payment, etc. actions, leading to customer loss. money in the account.

1.3 Fraudulent tricks in e-commerce transactions related to cards:
Some fraudulent sales websites have fake interfaces similar to real sales websites, whereby on the website advertising a gift worth 10 million VND, you only have to pay the shipping fee or 10% of the value to own the item. that item, then attach the online payment link to enjoy the promotion.
The bank warns customers to only enter card information on websites of known origin and reputable sales websites. Do not enter card information on unfamiliar websites, do not provide OTP to authenticate card transactions.

To prevent risks and protect customers' assets, Eximbank would like to send you some information to note as follows:

2.1 Eximbank only provides e-Banking services at a single address:  (You should access from the available link on the bank's homepage website https:/ /
Method to identify Eximbank's Internet banking service website:
The front of the address bar begins with https:// and there is a padlock icon in the address bar. (illustration below).

Eximbank does not cooperate with any unit to provide access links to electronic banking services. Logging into an Eximbank account from any other website or application is the customer providing information. electronic banking services to others and there is a risk of account risk.
2.2 Some notes when using electronic banking services:
Protect the confidentiality of secret keys and OTP authentication codes and do not share devices that store this information.
Periodically change the secret key setting and change the access account secret key after a maximum period of 90 days or when exposed or suspected of being exposed.
Only use public computers or computers with a public network connection to access and perform transactions when absolutely necessary, and then use a secure means to immediately change the account secret code. log in.

Do not save your login name and secret key on web browsers.
You should exit the electronic banking transaction system (Internet Banking, Mobile Banking) when not in use.
It is necessary to install and use copyrighted anti-virus software on personal devices used for electronic banking transactions (Internet Banking, Mobile Banking); and do not install software and utility tools from untrusted, non-copyrighted websites.
Do not use unlocked mobile devices to download and use Internet Banking application software or OTP authentication code generation software.
2.3 In case you discover a website impersonating Eximbank's website or are suspected of leaking service login information, please contact:
Call the customer support center (Call Center): 1800 1199
Go directly to the nearest Eximbank branch location - transaction office.

Eximbank's electronic banking services currently ensure safety and reliability for customers to make transactions. However, in order to prevent risks from arising that affect your assets as well as Eximbank's reputation, in addition to solutions from the bank, compliance with notes when using the service plays a role. important role in risk prevention.

Once again, Eximbank sincerely thanks you and looks forward to continuing to receive your support.

Best regards,
Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank.

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