Eximbank warns customers about bank impersonation scams during Tet

Accordingly, Eximbank continuously informs customers about fraudulent tricks related to online banking services and online payments, especially during the upcoming traditional Tet holiday.

Nowadays, high-tech criminals are increasingly sophisticated and complex, especially during the upcoming traditional Tet holiday, scammers are starting to increase their forms of fraud through online transaction channels. card. One of the most commonly used tricks recently is to send messages to customers with the Eximbank brand containing content similar to: "Eximbank updates the bank's software", "EXIM account has been frozen, please check again", etc. with links to fake websites that are not Eximbank's website.

These fake websites have an interface copied almost identically to Eximbank's Internet Banking website, so customers will be easily confused. In many ways, these websites will ask customers to log in, provide personal information, provide OTP authentication codes, etc. Once the information is obtained, the subjects will perform fake transactions. impersonation and fraud to appropriate customers' money.


Therefore, in order to protect customers' accounts, when using online banking services, customers please directly access Eximbank's online banking website address: (https://onlinebanking.eximbank. or the bank's official website ( Customers absolutely do not select/access links available in emails/messages.

Customers should note that they only use the payment channel via Mobile Banking after correctly identifying Eximbank's application (app).

Eximbank Mobile Banking on iOS operating system, customers download the application through the App Store

Eximbank Mobile Banking on Android operating system, customers download the application via Play Store/CH Play

In addition, Eximbank recommends that customers use the advanced authentication solution, Eximbank Smart OTP, on mobile phone devices. Smart OTP is an application that provides one-time passwords (One Time Password - OTP), so when there is a need for online transactions, customers can proactively get authentication codes anytime, anywhere quickly. According to banking technology experts, Smart OTP is issued right on the customer's phone, encrypted with a complex multi-layer protection system and difficult to interfere with. Therefore, Smart OTP is an effective transaction protection shield that helps customers avoid fraudulent methods via SMS and feel secure in all online banking transactions.

Eximbank Smart OTP authentication solution on iOS operating system can be downloaded at the App Store

Eximbank Smart OTP authentication solution on Android operating system downloaded on Play Store / CH Play

Eximbank also advised and informed customers not to use public computers and wireless networks when accessing the electronic banking system. Absolutely do not provide your Username, password, authentication code (OTP), card information to anyone including relatives or bank staff. For online banking login passwords, you need to set a password that is difficult to guess (including letters, numbers, and special characters), change the password regularly or when suspected of being leaked, and do not use the save feature. password to log in automatically. Do not use the same password to log in to online banking, email passwords, and login passwords to social networks. At the same time, you should comply with the regulations and instructions of banks providing online transaction services, register to receive notification of transaction balance changes and regularly monitor and update warnings. about safety and security in online payments from banks and mass media.

“If customers have any doubts or questions during online transactions, Eximbank's customer care team is always ready to support customers 24/7. In addition, we continuously issue warnings and information to customers about fraudulent tricks as well as safe transaction methods. In particular, recently, Eximbank promptly deployed the application of an advanced authentication solution, Eximbank Smart OTP, on mobile phone devices as well as improved the Internet banking and Mobile banking systems to enhance the experience and ensure safety. security in each transaction for customers" - Mr. Nguyen Huong Minh, Deputy General Director of Eximbank shared.

Please visit the website: or contact the 24/7 multi-channel customer support service center: 1800 1199 (free calls) for online support/consultation. next.